General Questions

What is the Search Algorithm?

Our custom search algorithm is designed to help you find companies that match your needs.  Our unique system of proficiencies allows companies to spec

Some companies I expect to appear do not show up.

Our goal is to connect businesses to professional services companies in their area.  Therefore, our search algorithm will search for companies that fi

How do I share the company profile information with my friends and colleagues?

Once you are at the company profile page, you can click on Share at the top right corner of the company banner.

How do I change my user profile data?

Go to My Account and select edit profile to change your profile data.

How do I save or bookmark a company that I would like to review later?

You can use the Bookmark feature to save and keep track of great companies on Hindsyght so you can easily find them again later. Simply find the busi

How do I remove a bookmark?

From your account profile page, click on Bookmarks.  You will find a set of companies that you have saved.  Click on the checkbox in front of the book

How do I write a review?

Search for a company you would like to write a review for.  Once you pull up the company profile, click on Write a review by the name of the company o

The company I want to write a review for is not in your database.

You can add the company, then write your review. There are 2 ways to do it. 1) From the search result page, there is an “Add Company” button on the

How do I edit my reviews?

Go to My Account and click on Reviews tab.  There, you can select the review you would like to change by clicking edit and make the changes as require

How do I delete my reviews?

We would like this site to be as authentic as possible and urge against deleting your reviews.  However, we do allow users who must delete a review 2

How do I change the email address I used to log into my account?

Go to My Account and edit your email in your account profile data section.  If you logged in using LinkedIn, the email you use from LinkedIn is stored

How do I change a password for my user account?

Go to My Account and select Settings.  You will have the ability to change the password.

I forgot my password.

Go to the login screen and click on Forgot Password to reset your password.  Note, that if you log in using your LinkedIn profile, we do not store you

How do I report a review?

Get to the review you want to report in the Company Profile page and click the “Flag icon”. You will be asked for a reason you are reporting the revi

How do I sign up?

You can sign up using your LinkedIn profile, or with your email. Click on Sign Up at the top right corner of the page and select the signup option yo

Professional Service Firm Questions

How do I claim my company?

Search for your company and go to the company profile page.  If it has not been claimed, there should be a claim button on the left side of the page. 

How do I claim a company that has already been claimed?

Company can only be claimed by its employee.  If someone else had already claimed your company, we have a “Re-Claim” process where you can request to

My company is not in the database.

You can add your company.  There are 2 ways to do it.  1) From the search result page, there is an “Add Company” button on the right side of the page.

Can I own more than one company profile?

Yes, you can own multiple company profiles using your single account. However, for each company profile you would like to own, we need to associate y

How do I add branches?

The best way to add your branches is to go to your main corporate company profile page.  If you are the profile owner, there should be an edit icon. 

How do I link a branch to my main company profile if they are not linked?

Please contact our support team.

What do I get with your different Subscription levels?

Please click here to see our subscription details.

Why do I need to define proficiencies?

Your proficiency is the key component we use for our search. If someone searches for a particular skillset, we will search for every company that lis

How do I subscribe?

Once you claim your company, you are given an option to subscribe with free subscription or pay subscription.  In order to complete the claim process,

How do I change my business information?

Go to your company profile page.  If you are the owner, there is an edit icon that you can select.  Your editable profile page will appear.

How do I unsubscribe?

We want to make sure that we maintain the most accurate information about your company. Therefore, instead of unsubscribe, we offer a free subscripti

How do I pay for my subscription?

We accept credit cards, debit cards, purchasing cards, and ACH.

How do I advertise on Hindsyght?

Please contact our sales team at sales@hindsyght.com

How do I customize my Ad placement

There are a few features that we offer.  1) Geographical location – you can customize the areas you want your ads to reach; 2) User Title – you can cu

Why does my credit card transaction fail?

Privacy is a priority at Hindsyght. Instead of storing your credit card, we use a PCI compliant payment processor to manage the payment transactions.