December 08, 2019 | Greg Meyer

How to Use Consultants and What to Look for in an IT Consulting Firm

IT has become part of the business decision-making process because it impacts the way organizations run daily. Most business plans today involve technology one way or another. Many small and medium-sized businesses will benefit significantly from hiring an IT consulting firm if they are in the process of selecting a new platform or service - whether it’s a CRM system, a new ERP system, or a cloud storage service provider. They can also help with implementing the new systems.

IT consulting firms can fill the gap that would be left by your IT department, especially if the void is specific to skillsets or systems that is not commonly supported. IT consulting firms also have the experience to fast-track your project while providing training to your existing employees.

What to look for in an IT consulting firm?

So, here are a few of the main features you should look for in a potential IT partner:

The IT consulting firm you plan to bring in must understand your business needs to be able to provide a sound strategic direction. It is no longer enough to hire a firm that focuses on the technical aspect of your project. Look for a firm that showcases both functional and technical expertise. We expect the consultants to know how systems impact business operations and the value that those systems bring to the business.

With that in mind, it is essential to choose an IT consulting firm that has the business savvy to improve efficiencies and create improvement opportunities for your company. The right provider helps the business leverage technology and become more successful.

Beyond technical expertise, the IT consulting firm you hire should also understand your business model and the pain points in the organization. That way, they can recognize whether specific projects provide a good return on investment or whether something else should be prioritized. They should then be able to translate your business needs into technical terms and identify project deliverables to ensure project success.

Finding a firm with skills and experience in the technical arena where you have challenges is critical. Having a partner that can discuss, with authority, the pluses and minuses of technological solutions are incredibly valuable. A firm should have experience determining which particular providers offer the features you need for the business. Making the right choices from the start removes a lot of potential problems down the road.

The IT consulting firm you choose should have the project management expertise to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. The project manager assigned to your project should have a proven history in ensuring that all team members are performing their tasks and that the jobs are progressing smoothly.

Finally, the consulting team you bring in must have excellent communication skills. They should be able to clearly communicate with you, your internal team, technology partners, and all other stakeholders. For example, when they’re dealing with a potential software provider, they should provide precise specifications of what your business needs are. With the internal team, they should be able to communicate the value of new projects, the game plan, and keep everyone updated on any new developments.

Are you looking for an IT consulting firm?

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