Jan 31, 2020 | Lynn Tran

Mission Rescue Charity Event

Special thanks to many business leaders that responded to our call with your reviews on IT firms that you have worked with. Your contributions on www.hindsyght.com led to the event on December 30th, a day when many businesses were shut down and many people were preparing for the New Year’s Celebrations, the Hindsyght Team started early morning, enthusiastically, preparing meals for the unfortunates.

1. Preparations

Several Mission Rescue Center trucks on this day doing their daily routines, collecting day-old food from several Orange Country Starbucks stores, and bring those boxes back to the center. The Hindsyght team was at the ready to sort, organize different types of food collected into package for distribution to the needy.

2. Serves

Another activity that the Hindsyght Team was also enjoyed doing on this day was preparing hot meals to serve Center residents for lunch.

Time to serve. More than 200 residents arrived for lunch at noon and The Hindsyght Team was there greeting everyone.

Post lunch time. As with anyone that was in the kitchen to cook, prepare meals, serve, we all know that we need to cleanup afterward.

What stood out:

  1. Many of Hindsyght Team members for the first time realized that The Mission Rescue Center, is not only providing food to the unfortunates on the daily basis, but also help reducing food waste in America, and the Center has been doing this in an effective manner.
  2. Seeing many dedicated volunteers at the center and realized that these volunteers are not helping out for one time, but they have been helping the Center over and over was a big surprise to many of the people on this day. Many of the volunteers are coming back to help out on a regular basis, 2 to 3 times a week, if not more.

The Hindsyght Team would like to send a special thank you to all volunteers that joined us on this special day, and once again, thanks to all business leaders that submitted your reviews and make this day happens.

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