October 20, 2019 | Lynn Tran

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You have a company to manage, specifically within the Information Technology (IT) domain. You have been distributing information that feeds the entire organization's daily operations, as well as providing analytical reports to the executives so that they can make sound decisions on areas of business expansion. Your job is to ensure your company's lifeblood is flowing continuously—without any interruption when it comes to scaling up or scaling down your resources. Where and how quickly can you find skilled, reliable resources that have the reputation and credibility to help you through the ups and downs?

According to a US General Services Administration (GSA) report, "70% of the companies surveyed will outsource more in the coming years. And 35% of them intend to do so significantly. In this sense, 84% of service providers expect the outsourcing industry to grow and 37% believe it will do so remarkably." https://www.n-ix.com/top-7-it-outsourcing-trends-2019/

Aware of the trend toward outsourcing, but don't know where to look for reputable professional services?

Outsourcing IT functions is nothing new in today’s market. They continue to grow as your business is driven by market forces that require prompt support from IT. The dilemma you are facing is that the resources and skills needed to staff your projects has fluctuated. The questions that keep you awake at night are: "How can I keep my in-house resources constant, while at the same time, be agile in responding to immediate business needs. Have I prepared for the good and the worse? How can I partner with reputable IT Service Providers to help me scale up and down? And where can I find them?"

Hindsyght is here to help.

We believe that great teams make a great organization. However, we have taken another step by making sure we have the right people guided by the highest level of professionalism. Currently, we have more than a million IT professional services firms from countless industries in our database.

Name a few professional services among IT service providers that we have in our platform for your quest to find a reputable partner:

You can search our database for local firms by area of expertise and actual ratings (generated from authentic crowdsourced users). Reduce your IT spending by finding the right partner.

New and existing Hindsyghters who are looking for IT solution providers have been helping Hindsyght by providing reviews and improving our functionalities along with Hindsyght product innovations.

What you do matters

Hindsyght's platform helps companies and professional service providers manage millions of IT services every day. We are harnessing the power of technology to increase the interaction of each component and drive modern digital experiences that are more efficient and useful.

We are utilizing technology to make Hindsyghters' lives more efficient. But what you do is the most important. The right tools, created for your unique use, environment, and mission, can help you focus on doing what you do best. Because what you do matters. We are listening. Our product innovation roadmap is the consequence of Hindsyghters' ideas and suggestions.

More intelligent and informed decisions, Hindsyght plans to implement additional tools and functionalities to help IT managers make selecting a provider an easy task.

Creating a winning team

Where else can you trust? Word-of-mouth from a few colleagues? Google search?

When looking for an IT firm, instead of fighting through Google’s search returns which are filled with irrelevant information, you can see the list of service providers and their expertise in our well informed, presentable format for your selection.

We have authentic reviews from peers, people like you, to help the community, in return, help yourself when needed.

In the end, we are all part of a winning team - you, the service provider, and Hindsyght.

Get Involved

Our community needs you. Share your experiences by writing a review of your experience working with the service provider you selected.

In return, users like you will have a wealth of information when needed for your next project.

Empower technology leaders to do more.

We are committed to providing a community platform for the world’s leading experts to connect. By joining us, you will get:

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Hindsyght is a technology corporation with headquarters in Southern California, USA.

Hindsyght helps world-leading companies confronting the future by increasing the pace and impact of their critical projects through human resourcefulness.

We build connections among companies & IT professional services firms. The Hindsyght platform helps companies find service providers while allowing service providers to showcase their expertise. Companies share their experiences with the service provider by providing reviews and ratings. The shared experiences help others in our company find a new partnership that they can depend on.

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